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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The new site is blog enabled to facilitate more efficient distribution of content through search engines and social networks. Updating the site gave us an opportunity to improve the way content and online tools are organized.

Please note that we have organized information under four categories (left hand column), i.e., Aircraft Income Tax, Aircraft State & Local Tax, Aircraft Operations & Law and Aircraft Solutions. Online tools, articles and videos will be made available in the appropriate category. We have brought forward many of the articles that had been listed in PDF form. Those articles have been reformatted using blog functionality. You’ll find our very popular Aircraft Depreciation Calculator and SIFL Calculator available under Aircraft Income TaxOnline Tools. Also note that we have incorporated a number of information sharing options to facilitate broader distribution of what we believe is important aviation content. Another addition is the “Site Search” tool at the top of the page. Visitors can now search for content related to keywords they enter.

This announcement appears in our Aviation Tax Tips section (center panel). We will continue to provide timely announcements on laws, rules and/or events that impact the aviation industry. These featured articles will also be posted on the Articles page under the relevant category. You’ll find our events calendar below the Aviation Tax Tips section. Just hover over event to see details or click on View All Aviation Tax Planning Events to view a listing of all scheduled events.

In an effort to broaden the information our website provides we’ve added an Industry Contributors section and Aviation News section (right panel). The Industry Contributor section will feature guest contributors writing about various aviation topics such as, aircraft financing, insurance/liability, the aircraft resale market and general operations. These postings will also be blog enabled to facilitate wide distribution within the aviation community.

As with most blog formatted websites ours offers an opportunity to comment on specific content. Given that Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLC is a law firm we must reserve the right to monitor and approve any comment before it is publicly posted. We will make this determination based on whether the comment furthers the dialog in a constructive manner or provides an opportunity for Advocate to clarify a point. In either event we intend to respond to comments whether they are publicly posted or not.

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For Turboprop Aircraft costing more than $2,000,000 – $10,000 per year

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