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 Step 1.  Select one person from the company who will make the application to the International Registry.

 The first principal, agent or employee of your “transaction user entity”, or TUE (the company through which you are buying, selling or lending) who applies to the International Registry will be the “Administrator” for the company.  The Administrator will have the right to submit or consent to any registrations with respect to the company.  In other words, your Administrator will be the one to “process” certain steps of the Cape Town registration.

 Please note that the Administrator will be the only individual in the company who will have the authority to approve other individuals within the company or from designated professional organizations to submit or consent to registrations with respect to specific aircraft objects.  As such, you will want to designate a trusted person to assume this responsibility.

 Of course, anyone with the Administrator’s username and passwords can log on “as them” from the “Capetown PC” (described later in these instructions).  As such, company Principals should be sure to collect this information from employees in all cases should an appointed Administrator depart the company.

 Step 2.    Select a PC from which the Administrator will take all actions with respect to the International Registry (the “Cape Town PC”).

 Once the Administrator is approved by the International Registry, the Administrator will be directed to download a digital certificate onto the Cape Town PC (the specific procedural steps will be described in detail below).

 Important Note #1:   

 The PC you use is a very important consideration.  A digital certificate is essentially a special “key” that ties that particular PC to the Cape Town system.  If you wish to sell, for example, an aircraft that you previously purchased, you will need that PC to get back into the System.

 What happens when a Cape Town PC is destroyed, stolen or sold as a business asset is unclear.

 Important Note #2:  

 Note the following when selecting your Cape Town PC:

  •  You will need a PC with Internet connection;
  •  Your browser should be Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later.  To find out which browser version you have, select “Help…About” from the Menu at the top of your browser;
  •  Your PC must have special “reader” software known as the JAVA 2 Platform Standard Edition Version 1.4.2 or above – Log on to Sun’s Java Download Page for this free download/update – It may take a few minutes to download to your PC.
  •  This software has many uses on your PC and is not specific to the Cape Town system.  To our knowledge, it will NOT install any spyware or viruses on your PC when downloaded directly from Sun Microsystems.
  •  Make sure pop-up boxes are allowed – you will need to allow pop-ups when downloading your certificate.  If you are unsure as to how to allow pop-ups, hold the “Ctrl” button while clicking on a link to allow a pop-up.

  Step 3.    Have a credit card ready as a payment will be required to register (the International Registry accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express):

 (a)  Open your web browser and type the following address into the address bar:  

 (b)  Type into your address bar.

 If you get an error message, or the page will not open, try  Then click on on the resulting page.

 Setp 4.  On the left hand side menu on the Home page, select “User Area“.

  Step 5.  At the top of the screen, left click on the text “Apply to become an Approved Administrator User” (first option).

 Step 6.  Select the first option by clicking on the circle right before the text “Apply to become an Administrator User for a new Registry organization“.  This option should already be selected by default.

 Complete the following details for each text box

 Text Box Name   Enter…
 New Organization Name   Enter the legal name of the party participating in the transaction (that is, your buyer, seller or lender company) 
 Organizational Type   Select “Company” 
 Address   Enter the company’s address 
 Country   Enter the country where the aircraft will be based.  (U.S. in most cases) 
 VAT   Leave this field blank unless the company is located in an EU country. 

 If this is your first time through the Cape Town system, skip over the second option labeled “Apply to become an Administrator User for an existing registry organization”.

Next, complete the user details for each of the following text boxes: 

 Text Box Name   Enter…
 Individual Name   Enter the name of the individual who will be serving as the Administrator for your company. 
 E-mail Address  Administrator’s Email 
 Telephone No.  Administrator’s Telephone 
 Job Title   Administrator’s Title 
 Date of Birth  Administrator’s DOB 
 License Option There is a choice of 1 user/5 years ($500) or 1 user/1 year ($200)  Single-sale (private) users will probably only require a 1 user/1 year license

 Step 7.  Click on the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the screen.  You will be forwarded to the Application Details screen. 

  Step 8.  Carefully review the information to confirm it is correct.  If changes are required, click the “Amend Application” button at the bottom of the page and follow the steps set forth above.

 If the information is correct, check the small box at the bottom of the page confirming your acceptance of the Registry’s Terms and Conditions, Procedures, CPS and Privacy Policy.

 Step 9.  Click the “Continue with application” button at the bottom of the page.

 Step 10.  Choose a password and enter the password in both boxes.  REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD!  Click the “Submit” button.  You will be forwarded to the Payment Details page. 

 Step 11.  Complete the boxes and click the “Submit” button.  You will see a Confirmation Page. 

 Step 12.  Click the “Download Invoice” button to receive a copy of the invoice.  Print this invoice immediately and return a copy to your Tax Consultant.

 Step 13.  The International Registry will send the Administrator an email requesting that you; a) reply to email verifying receipt, and b) fax Articles of Incorporation or Organization to the fax number noted in the email.

 Step 14.  The International Registry will notify the Administrator by phone when his or her application is approved (expect 2-3 days). The International Registry will follow up with an email to the address that provided in the application.  The e-mail will contain a link to obtain the digital security certificate.

 Step 15.  Click the link provided in the e-mail sent by the International Registry.


 Step 16.  A download wizard will appear.  Click the “Next” button.

 Step 17.  Enter the Administrator’s password that was submitted in the application and left-click the “Next” button.

 Step 18.  A new alert will appear.  Click the “Next” button.

 Step 19.  A final alert will appear.  Click the “Finish” button. 

 The Administrator will see confirmation of the certificate’s successful download.


  •  Many parts of the Cape Town system are time-sensitive.  As such, DO NOT WAIT to begin this process if you wish to close as soon as possible;
  •  Also DO NOT let more than 24 hours pass from the time you begin this process to the end; 
  •  You MUST be watching for the email described in Step 14; 
  •  You MUST communicate with your tax consultant immediately upon completing this process, so that he or she may continue to move your transaction forward once this piece, only one of many, is in place.

 Thank you!  We are working hard to process your transaction as smoothly as possible through this cumbersome system, and appreciate your patience.

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